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About Us

It is easy to assume that our journey started with a great idea we drew up on our parents kitchen table. However, YDG ( Your Database Guys) was birth out of the need for two brothers to fix an existing damaged relationship. In a world where working with your family is discouraged we decided to use this vehicle to break the status quo, improve our communication and relationship.

In doing so we hope to inspire individuals and entrepreneurs to improve their relationships. We believe that your relationships are your greatest currency and the fuel that drives your sales and profits in this new economy. With Today’s digital media it has never been easier for a business to engage with their customers, tell their story and improve customers retention.

Meet The Team

Darien Hill

Originally from the beautiful island of Antigua, Darien Hill received his B.A in Marketing from Murray State University. Darien and his wife Davina are proud parents of two boys. He is the co-founder of YDG Marketing, a full service marketing company which educates business owners on how to leverage the Internet, Mobile, Video and Social Media to attract their target market and turn them into paying customers. He also coauthored the book “5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Converting Visitors into Buyers” and is the Social Media and Mobile Marketing correspondent for Central Florida News 13. Darien is a highly sought after speaker, who regularly presents to businesses, Chambers of Commerce and other associations.

Joell Hill

Joell leads the operations and strategic direction at YDG Marketing. He is the go to person for anything technical, whether it is custom desktop or web software, mobile technology, or databases. Joell has an eye for details but also brings a sense of playfulness to his work. If you want something created from scratch he is your guy. Graduating from Murray State University in 2003, with degrees in Biology and Computer Science at just 20 years old, he focused his direction on technology learning programming languages C++, C-Sharp, Java, Ruby, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Joell loves the challenge of having to take an idea from conception to reality. A Martial Artist for over 15 years, Joell holds black belts in Don Jitsu Ryu and Tae Kwon Do. He enjoys giving back what he has learned over the years, teaching young martial artists in the Melbourne, Fl, and coaching young athletes.

Jonathan Pleska
Your Design Guy

Jonathan Pleska is the Branding Expert and Web Design Extraordinaire of YDG. He specializes in high end, detailed and result oriented solutions. Over his career, he has worked with many prestigious clients in past firms including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA, Coca Cola, Disney, NRA, and many more. His experience and knowledge of creating projects for these companies has transferred over to how he approaches his business and his clients’ ideas, brands, products, and marketing. He’s also a co author of the book Journey’s Forward and is also co owner of – the revolution of online dating where we bring your match in motion.